Doug Stewart is a London-based art-director, designer & director.


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Pepsi Max

Chain Reaction


We made an explosive ad for Pepsi to celebrate the new year, with thousands of mousetraps and ping pong balls creating a massive chain reaction. The film got 20 million+ views across all media.


Role: Lead Creative / Art Director

Created with HarrimanSteel

In collaboration with AMV BBDO

Dark Sky

The Walker


I directed the music video for Dark Sky's single The Walker from their album Othona. Released on Monkeytown Records.





Jump Pack


I designed the artwork and directed the music video for the Jump Pack release from electronic music producer Tarquin. Out now on digital release through Rinse FM


Press Shot


I photographed and art-directed
the press shot for the electronic
and Grime producer Tarquin.


Trueplay [Exhibition]


Sonos Trueplay uses scanning techniques to fine-tune your speaker to produce sound perfectly equalised for the room. I designed a series of demonstration units to show this effect at it’s most extreme, by placing the speakers in custom-made units, that toggled Trueplay On & Off within the space.


Alongside this I also curated the interior of Sonos Studios for the exhibit, inspired by the extremities in peoples homes. I designed a bespoke concrete shelving installation and foam furniture.


Role: Lead Creative / Art Director

Created with HarrimanSteel

Disciples [feat David Guetta]

No Worries


Music video for the Disciples
& David Guetta summer hit
'No Worries.' Out on digital release through Parlophone Records.


Toby Gale

DNA Party


Design and art direction for Toby Gale's DNA Party out on digital and physical release through Apothecary Compositions.


Nike Foundation

Ni Nyampinga


In partnership with Nike Foundation’s Girl Effect platform, we’ve helped craft and evolve

Ni Nyampinga - The first girl-centred youth brand in Rwanda.


Ni Nyampinga is a multimedia editorial platform that has directly reached over one million girls, helping to unlock their true potential. It exists through a radio show and a quarterly magazine.


Role: Lead Creative / Designer

Created with HarrimanSteel


Forerunner: For Runners


I wrote and directed a digital media ad for Garmin's new Forerunner watch range as part of their wider Forerunner: For Runners campaign.



Role: Director / Writer / Lead Creative

Created with HarrimanSteel

Philharmonia Orchestra

2014/15 Season


I designed and art directed the orchestra's 2014/15 season.
This was represented visually with explosive dispersions of metallic inks in dark water tanks, shot to create an ethereal and cosmic atmosphere.


Role: Lead Creative / Art Director

Photography by Mark Mawson

Created with HarrimanSteel

Discovery Network

DMAX TV Idents


I worked as the creative on a rebrand for Italian channel DMAX Italia, broadcast by Discovery Network. I worked on dreaming

up a series of TV idents based

around four large cause and effect machines, covering all the genres

of factual programming found
on DMAX.


Role: Creative

Created with HarrimanSteel

Peter Lyons

Oh To Pull You Up


Design and art direction for Peter Lyons 'Oh To Pull You Up' out on digital and physical release through Tape Club Records.





Magnetic damage is controlled creatively when magnetic fields
are applied to television sets in different positions, to manipulate type and create new forms.


I created bespoke graphics and
a typeface by blasting imagery
with magnets through an old television set.


Discovery Network

Quest Idents


I worked as the creative on a

range of interactive TV idents for the rebrand of Discovery Network's Quest channel in the UK.


Encompassing a massive array
of informative factual viewing viewing, we designed up a
thriving 3D world and hid the
Quest logo in there for viewers
to find, over and over again.


Role: Creative

Created with HarrimanSteel

Animation/Modelling by Analog

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